VO2Max: The Most Vital of Vital Signs!

VO2Max (3)

Videos from the event we hosted on Sep 19 in San Francisco on VO2Max.

#1: What is VO2Max?
Dr. Marialice Kern, Head of Exercise Science, SFSU

Speaker Bio: Professor Marialice Kern is the Chair of the Department of Kinesiology with research interests focused on the exercise effects of diabetic metabolic control, various dietary manipulations on body composition, use of various tools to accurately measure body composition, different types of measuring devices to access the metabolic costs of activity (including wearable teachnology and virtual reality).



#2: How is VO2Max measured in the lab?
Tim Fleming MSc. Endurance Ptc
For 20 years, Tim has coached athletes in every aspect of their performance. From nutrition to technique, his commitment to education extends well beyond the cycling world. Here at Endurance, Tim heads up the lab and coaching programs, and teaches eCycling. Tim has a master’s degree in exercise science, is a former professional triathlete and has a passion for wellness.


#4 How does Revvo measure VO2Max accurately without using face masks?
Siva Raj, Founder & CEO, Revvo
10+ years of experience building products at the intersection of technology and biology. Invented OneTouch PatternAlert to alert diabetes patients to critical blood sugar patterns, developed and launched Fitaide a Top 5 iPhone app that used the accelerometer to track activity. 



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