Accuracy of Revvo in Measuring VO2Max Without Oxygen Masks

Ever since I started working on Revvo a few years ago one of the key questions for me has always been how accurate is the data compared to gold standard measurement of VO2Max using oxygen masks in a lab. And now we have an answer — and it looks like we are getting really close !



In our previous methods we were close for most — but for some we did see an over-estimation. The new method is overall slightly more accurate but also consistently accurate across everyone tested.


19 people tested on Revvo (following our standard process) and also tested in a lab using gold standard Parvomedics metabolic measurement cart that measures their respiratory gases (oxygen, carbon dioxide etc.) to firstly estimate their VO2Max and also estimate their ventilatory thresholds (which corresponds to their lactate threshold).

The sample consisted of men and women, 30-50 years old, with VO2Max levels ranging from <20 to >70 (which is a pretty wide range). This validation sample also included some of the highest (70) and the lowest (18) VO2Max scores from amongst the 600+ tests we’ve done so far which gives us confidence that our methods have the potential to span a very wide range of humans. Our goal is to continue to enlarge the sample and look for diverse populations to test.

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